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My Background

I am Galeet Farrow and I am a licensed professional counselor in four states, Az, Co, Or and Pa. I have been a counselor for over 15 years.


I also am an astrologer and utilize chakras, sound healing, somatic and artistic interventions to help remove the blockages that are in the way of healthy energy flow.​

I work with individuals, families and couples. I offer online or in-person counseling. If you are local to Prescott, AZ we can meet in my home office. 

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My Approach

Each of us has many paths available. Feeling safe, accepted and unconditionally loved creates an environment in which we can grow to our fullest potential- our divine expression. Just as a tree needs sunlight and water, your struggles indicate the spaces your deepest needs are not being met and expressed.


I work with individuals through their familial programming and automatic reactions, thoughts and emotions to help free you into a more open and accepting space so that you may follow the flow of your highest path. 

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