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Upcoming: Online Purification Workshop

June 6-9, 2024

4-Day Purification Retreat (Very limited in-person avail, contact for more info)

Join Galeet Farrow M.A., LPC, therapist, author and VP of Chakra Institute, for a 4 day opportunity to reduce Apana - the cause of mental health symptomology according to Microchakra Psychology.

Apana is accumulated from painful memories (this lifetime or past), it accumulates when we have our feelings hurt or are hurtful to others. It also builds from negative thinking and feeling states.

Apana is a steady food supply for saboteurs.

Saboteurs are energetic patterns that become mental, emotional and behavioral patterns. When Microchakra blockages link up, they create a strong force that keeps us locked in mental and behavioral ways of being that harm us and keep us from using our champions patterns effectively.

This causes a life full of suffering, whether from poor decision making, inability to focus the mind, anxious or fearful beliefs and negative and depressed thinking. These saboteurs have intelligence and force, they act to keep the person feeding them at the cost of the quality of life of the individual.

When Apana is reduced the 3 bodies (physical, emotional and mental) can be in congruence and work in unison. Health is ultimately the cohesive functioning of the 3-bodies.

When: June 6-9, 2024 Online

Cost: $250

Includes 7 classes with Galeet Farrow, MA, LPC and 3 Classes with yoga teacher Samantha Beasley

Regular purification takes back your power from the patterns that sabotage you, allowing you to create the life you truly want and the be the person you really are.

In order to even consider opening higher states of consciousness, one must ground their apana, and purification is the best way to do that!

Sat Gurus_edited.jpg

This beautiful artwork by Pieter Weltevrede, student of the late Harish Johari who was a friend my of teacher Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar

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