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Policies and Procedures

Workshop Payment Policy: 

Payment Policy: Participants must pay for programs upon registration, if payment is not received the person will not be registered for the program. Once paid, a 50% refund policy is in effect until 7 days before the program. 7 days or less is not refundable.

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Complaint Policy

For Workshops

Program Complaint Policy: Any complaints may be sent to where they will be reviewed and responded to within 48 hours. If the complaint is related to something that is not caused by the workshop, such as the participants poor quality of internet, it will not be eligible for refund. If the complaint is related to quality or content of the program or any issue directly related to Your Stars Within, a full or partial refund will be considered. We would like all parties to feel fair and satisfied in the resolution. It will be reviewed by the Owner and an outside consultant. 

Attendance Policy

For Workshops

Participant attendance will be taken at the beginning of each section, following each break. In order to receive credit for attendance the participant must be present and timely to each portion. Partial credit will not be given.

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Confidentiality of Participants

For Workshops

All information regarding participant attendance including any identifying information as well as any surveys or information submitted to the provider will be kept confidential for a minimum of 5 years.

Our Goal

For Workshops

Our goal is to create an open, safe and positive learning environment for all participants. If there is anything that would be helpful for us to know or any way we can assist your learning please let us know. If there is any problems with the workshop, please communicate with us as soon as possible and we will make every effort to make it right! Thanks for joining us!

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