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What to Expect at a Purification?

What is a Purification Retreat and what does it do?

A purification retreat is a 4-day opportunity to reduce apana (the cause of mental health issues according to Microchakra Psychology) in the overall system. Apana is a type of prana (life force), that functions effectively in the bowels for excretion. However, if it rises in the system beyond the first chakra it can cause all kinds of problems, including the aggravation of mental health symptoms.

Apana is accumulated from painful memories (this lifetime or past), it accumulates when we have our feelings hurt or are hurtful to others. It also builds from negative thinking and feeling states. When apana is too abundant in the system (as it is with most people), it gets pushed to the fat cells for storage in an attempt to keep the other pranas pure. Here it sits, becoming a steady food supply for saboteurs.

Saboteurs are energetic patterns that become mental, emotional and behavioral patterns. When Microchakra blockages link up, they create a strong force that keeps us locked in mental and behavioral ways of being that harm us and keep us from using our champions patterns effectively. Most people have a large amount of both champion and saboteur patterns, but due to the excess accumulation of apana are functioning from their saboteurs primarily. This causes a life full of suffering, whether from poor decision making, inability to focus the mind, anxious or fearful beliefs and negative and depressed thinking. These saboteurs have intelligence and force, they act to keep the person feeding them at the cost of the quality of life of the individual.

When Apana is reduced the 3 bodies (physical, emotional and mental) can be in congruence and work in unison. Health is ultimately the cohesive functioning of the 3-bodies.

What can I expect?

While dieta’s for wellness and to reduce suffering are well documented in many indigenous cultures, this purification was specifically created by my teacher, Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar of The Chakra Institute. It carries many Ayurvedic principles but is designed specifically to work with the Microchakra system, which is the system Sri Shyamji has contributed to the overall Chakra Psychology.  

The specifics of the dieta will be emailed to participants prior to the start of the purification so they have time to obtain ingredients and prepare food. The overall theme is that fats will be removed from the diet and a simple grains and mung bean diet will ensue, allowing a cleansing of the system.

Expect to be grumpy the first few days. Even though you are eating, the body is not used to not having any fats received. As the saboteurs are starved and begin to reduce, they fight with a vengeance to stay strong. They will often tempt people to give up, cheat on the dieta or go eat a very unhealthy meal. Feelings of anger or grumpiness may arise and are normal.

Please note, if a person has any history with eating disorders they can often feel triggered simply by conditioning their diet.

On top of the dieta you will attend 3-4 classes a day (online, please contact me directly if you want to attend in person, seating is limited). See below for more specifics about the classes.

What will the classes be about?

2-3 classes per day will be held. It is recommended to attend all of the classes. Galeet Farrow, MA, LPC will teach all classes unless otherwise noted. She is a licensed therapist, author, VP of the Chakra Institute and has been training with Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar for over a decade. She is committed to bringing you as authentic of an experience as possible and also highly recommends attendance at many of Shyamji's current offerings.

Classes will begin with an introduction to Vedanta, the underlying philosophy of Chakra Psychology. This will answer the questions related to why we are doing the practices we are doing. Then, we will have an individual class devoted to each of the chakras (chakras 6 and 7 will be taught together), this will include the petal sounds and mantras to assist that chakras functioning and help weaken saboteurs in that area. Dispersed throughout the 4 days Samantha Beasley will join us for an introductory class on physical yoga, ayurveda and pranayama to broaden your understanding of the great and vast Science of Life. The specific class schedule will be available shortly.

What is recommended?

It is recommended that you do not schedule a lot for the days of the retreat, allowing yourself the space and time necessary for the process. Quiet time with room to journal, cry, walk etc is highly recommended. While the actual time in purification may present challenges the benefits are worth it. Most people feel settled and calm by the 3rd or 4th day. Once the apana is at the lowest it will be (after 3 days), we can do higher chakra sounds.

What is the importance of sound?

Sound is created through vibration which is the basis of life. All form is created in sound, thus both champions and saboteurs respond to it. In sound all other elements merge. There are different qualities of sound called akaasha. The higher quality of sound the more effect you will get. When the body is purified, sound can be used to purify the mind. The human voice creates the highest akaashic sound, especially when offered by someone with sound sensitivity (this is different than musical sensitivity). I have been training for many years to offer this. My teacher, Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar creates the highest possible quality of sound (sooray akaasha) and so we will also spend time listening to some of his mantras which are available for purchase at:


What can I expect after the purification?

After the purification I would expect a reduction in severity of symptoms, increased ability to focus, concentrate or meditate. One purification is not going to end all symptomology. It has taken many years for the saboteurs to develop their strength and hold on you and it will take some time to pull them apart. However, I do think you will see evidence that it is helping you. For example, you may find it easier to follow some of the recommended habits (such as dawn rising), or have more control of your eating habits. It is possible you may feel a reduction of anger or increased heart-centered approach to life. It depends on the specifics of your Microchakra functioning and each person will have a unique effect.  It is recommended to attend seasonal purifications for at least 1 year.

See Below for Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

***A consent for purification and release of liability form must be signed prior to attendance

Workshop Payment Policy: 

Payment Policy: Participants must pay for programs upon registration, if payment is not received the person will not be registered for the program. Once paid, a 50% refund policy is in effect until 7 days before the program. 7 days or less is not refundable.

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Complaint Policy

For Workshops

Program Complaint Policy: Any complaints may be sent to where they will be reviewed and responded to within 48 hours. If the complaint is related to something that is not caused by the workshop, such as the participants poor quality of internet, it will not be eligible for refund. If the complaint is related to quality or content of the program or any issue directly related to Your Stars Within, a full or partial refund will be considered. We would like all parties to feel fair and satisfied in the resolution. It will be reviewed by the Owner and an outside consultant. 

Attendance Policy

For Workshops

All classes are expected to be attended in real time. If a participant can not make a particular class an attempt will be made to record and share the class, but may not always be possible. Therefore, it is not guaranteed if you miss a class that you will be able to access the recording. 

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Confidentiality of Participants

For Workshops

All information regarding participant attendance including any identifying information as well as any surveys or information submitted to the provider will be kept confidential.

Our Goal

For Workshops

Our goal is to create an open, safe and positive learning environment for all participants. If there is anything that would be helpful for us to know or any way we can assist your learning please let us know. If there is any problems with the workshop, please communicate with us as soon as possible and we will make every effort to make it right! Thanks for joining us!

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