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Your Stars Within

Counseling for Spiritual Development

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Galeet Farrow (Gollan)
Licensed Professional Counselor: Az, Co, Or, and PA

Approved Clinical Supervisor

I am here to help those who want to develop their connection to spirit in a deeper way, bringing their life into more alignment. I work with the energy behind the symptoms, to help individuals heal the underlying energetic blockages that are at the root. 

I use both traditional and non-traditional methods, particularly attachment and family theories as well as astrology, chakras, art and sound healing therapies. I can offer help and assistance in integration for those on the plant medicine journey.

"The healing of one is the healing of all"



New Service!! Now Offering Chakra Mentorship!!

The Chakra path is a difficult but worthy pathway to open to the divinity consciousness. Through changing patterns of behavior and lifestyle along with purification of the body, major headway can be made in opening to higher consciousness. I am here to guide and assist you in this journey. Please know you will be asked to develop strength, grit, courage and devotion to walk this blessed path.

Please reach out to inquire about details. Each approach will be personalized, assisting you through the necessary shifts needed to open to clarity, peace, joy and ultimately bliss. 

One of the best things I did this year was to receive an astrological counseling session from Galeet was spot on and really helped me to understand what I needed to do to help heal from my grief, set boundaries with my work, and move forward with my life. I really couldn't recommend her enough!

~Nadia D


Galeet is a wonderful lady to work with! I felt empowered and had more understanding and love for myself. Highly recommend!
~ Nakisha S
I used to be quite skeptical about things like astrology and taro readings. Yet curious. When Galeet read my chart, it blew my mind. Things made sense and I was able to put everything in perspective. It helped me to understand myself better and come to terms with aspects of my life I wasn’t happy with. I turn to Galeet sometimes just to get a piece of mind. What she gives you is not an instruction how to solve you problems, but an insight to find the answers within yourself

~Tatiana D

Excellent!!! Galeet has an incredible ability to make her astrological counseling sessions accessible for those who may be new to astrology and takes a genuine interest in getting to know you on a personal level. The sessions are in-depth, helpful, insightful, and fun! Galeet’s down to earth personality makes her a relatable counselor, and sessions felt more like a conversation with a friend more than a traditional counselor/patient dynamic. I plan to regularly see Galeet for more counseling in the years to come. She is absolutely wonderful.

~Sydney S


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