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The Myriad of Life: Evolution and Survival by Galeet Farrow (Gollan)

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Our concept of intelligence (IQ) is severely limited, it essentially values logic above all else. Logic has its place and it’s use; it is the understanding of how the materials of the 3D world function. From a chakra perspective, logic is a third chakra mentation- way of using the mind. It is focused on understanding the physical world, such that we can impact it- to force our will upon it. It allows us to understand causal relationships and thus act according to the results we desire. Our concept of intelligence prevents us from appreciation of the manifest creative intelligence all around us. It is Fifth Chakra Mentation- creative potentiality, which allows us to better understand life as it is. We look at the natural world and judge a species for its ability to survive. The greater the survival, the stronger the predator, the pinnacle of evolution as we see it. From this perspective the goal of evolution is survival. Yet, survival is the tip of the iceberg. Of course, survival is necessary for anything else to unfold, it is a beginning point not an ending point. This concept that survival is the ultimate goal to be attained and that humans are most equipped to attain it, has allowed us to harm nature, to cut down rain forests and poison our own water. We are the top predator and therefore the most intelligent is the unconscious collective understanding. Yet, clearly to poison our own waters and our own soil, to cut down our trees- our lungs, lacks intelligence. When the many thrive, life thrives, we thrive. This is a higher concept of evolution.

When we look at biological life, we can see the myriad of strategies the intelligence has taken. Each are effective in certain ways. Darwinian Evolution has geared our minds to only think the most vicious of the predator will live- it’s the one of highest worth. It has given us this unconscious belief that the survival, as evidenced by abundance of meat, is the ultimate goal. It is not. The goal of life itself is to create, to manifest its many creative expressions and in doing so- to see itself unfolded in many different lights.

There is such beauty in recognizing the many creative expressions of life and how they so beautifully work together into a larger tapestry. The many bugs in the soil, each adapted to their location in time/space, each with a primary sensory way of exploring and expressing, some by light, others color, others vibration, some smell or tactile. Plants each have their strategy- tall for light like a stalk, or the vine which may grow up the stalk. Each placing different nutrients or excretion products in the soil, contributing to the existence of other life. Some add nitrogen whereas others absorb it. Some plants such as squashes create shade and other plants grow better near them. They each have a strategy- not right or wrong, not Darwinian evolution. The creative expression of life. The beauty of all the many creative strategies- intelligence, which is life itself in manifest form.

Intelligence is the fabric of life itself. We are woven, we exist in a location. In one sense, we act as a neuron, sending information from this time, space and experience back to the life intelligence. On the other hand, we are a part of life itself, the intelligence itself, creatively problem solving our individual experiences. Every cell in our body has an intelligence, this flows through us effortlessly as we are an expression of this life energy. As a neuron, or the sensory organ in this time and place in causal space, we both send data and receive information from the greater whole. We are part of the absolute or Universal mind, we are here as a piece of creative intelligence, which asks us to apply the intelligence of life to this time/space around us.

As a human, we can consciously adjust our living choices to be able to bring more of the creative intelligence to express itself through us. The creative genius within, the higher evolution of the Self, wants to live the highest possibility of each life potential. Creative passions are a signpost pointing the way to higher expression. Regardless of the field of study or interest, if an area of life intrigues us it is an area that awakens the creative potential within. The value of exploration and creative expression of life doesn’t make sense from the 3rd chakra or logical perspective, as true creation has no goal other than to express itself. It has no motive to be productive or performative, thus it does not have much purpose or value from the mentation of logic. Well-being is truly the ability for creative life to express itself through each being, to follow creative impulses and explore the world of life around us. When we understand survival as the beginning of our existence here in the physical plane, not the end goal, we can experience the survival-based intelligence as the spring board from which higher forms of our existence can explore, create and begin to unfold.

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